Absolute Perfection | NITYA BAJAJ

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Hello all you lovely people!
So, I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, but I promise to be more active from now on. And if the result of weeks of hardwork is a post like this, I am sure you guys would agree on quality over quantity.
Compensating to the loss, in this post I’ll be sharing 4 looks in total, posing with my bestie (also the curator of the blog) and a special person too (scroll down to see who that is!).

We shot this post at Nitya Bajaj’s studio only because why not? The store has such a vintage-y feel to it and is SO pretty from inside out. Each corner is nicely curated to its details and is a work of absolute perfection just like her garments!

Label Nitya Bajaj’s clothes have a very young and classy feel to it. The clothes are girly and have such a chic vibe & make you feel so princess-y that you won’t feel like coming out of them, ever (atleast thats what happened with me)!
Minimalistic work, detailed fine cuts and lovable fabrics which makes you shine bright like a diamond is what you’re going to find!

Coming back to talking about the looks, the following 2 are from her latest collection FLORAL POP! It is everything a girl needs. There were all delicate floral prints in pastel shades & little bit of sequin work going on. There’s a piece for every occasion you can think of! Whether its a ball or your birthday party, marriage functions, pool party (next look) or anything, you’ll find a right one for yourself!

Look 1

This gown was in itself so pretty in understated colors with detailed cuts that I wanted to keep accessories  minimal, so I just wore ear baubles and was ready to roll!




Look 2

These pieces were perfect for a party (preferably pool) because of the cuts and they are so light to carry too! There’s a little sequin work going on above the belt which is making the colors pop out (so beautiful)!



Look 3

As you can see, this is the sunflower collection named as SUNNY and here comes the surprise too, the designer herself posing with us! The collection is so fresh & summery and has a sunday brunch feel to a few of them. There are crop tops, trousers, maxi skirts, peplum and a lot more! Elegant and pretty goes without saying!



Look 4

These are the pieces I couldn’t take my eyes off since the time I stepped into the store. Playing Blair and Serena in our heads (Gossip Girl Alert!!) we posed and had a lot of fun!




A happy and a fun that it was, all thanks to the designer Nitya Bajaj who’s so warm and fun-loving & made the whole shoot very lively!
You can follow her collection on Facebook and Instagram.


You can follow me on  InstagramFacebook and Twitter for all the updates and shoot any query directly!

Jewellery courtesy: Gioielli | Hair & make-up: Suhani Sethi | Photography & Editing: Ramit Aggarwal

Now read it on our website: http://beesandbaubles.com/2015/06/02/absolute-perfection-nitya-bajaj-2/

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