Flower Bomb!

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After all the experimenting on my best-friend turned curator of the blog, Gona Khanijo, it was time for me take the front side of the camera again!

I had planned to do this post a few days ago, but Delhi weather was just not co-operating with my schedule, thanks to the sudden rain showers. One more reason added to the long list why I hate those grey skies, they make everything look so sad & gloomy (don’t they?), plus I can’t even shoot and post for you guys.
As we shot this look in the Golden hour of the day, the pictures came out to be so good that they hardly needed any editing (less work,yay!) and enhanced the overall colors of the look (talk about good natural light?)

I am not a very big fan of florals, but when it comes to styling, you got to be versatile & try new things. Also, its Spring, so nothing should stop me from doing a post on florals.
There’s always something very sexy about short dresses and long boots and also they’re a perfect fit for this season, only this time that I tried a floral print & it worked very well for me.

So, giving this floral dress a whole new twist, I combined it with leather boots and a leather jacket of the same color. Both the things made the whole look so wearable & trendy for this weather that you just don’t have to worry if its going to be cold outside as you’re totally ready to dance the night away!

Since I wanted the look to be a little hard core and fuss-free, I opted for a no-accessory look. The only baubles I happen to wear are a few rings & my favorite pair of reflectors which by the way again looks gorgeous in this light! I am guessing reflectors are going to be a good investment this season, what say?

So girls, pull out that all time favorite floral dress of yours and put on your leather boots (please ditch those heels or flats) with a leather jacket (no,don’t put it inside already) and complete the look with your trendiest pair of glasses (brownie points for reflectors, obviously?)
Do send me your pictures if you wear the same combination, I would love to post it on my Instagram. 🙂

Dress: Forever21 | Leather Jacket: Kazo | Combat Boots: Forever21 | Sunglasses: Forever21

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